Customer Support

Thank you so much for choosing true protection to protect your home or business with one of our state of the art security systems. We founded our company on two basic principles; providing the latest and best technology to our customers, and providing industry leading customer service. Listed below, you will find the appropriate phone numbers to call for various reasons.

Listed Below, You Will Find The Appropriate Phone Numbers To Call For Various Reasons.

Technical Support: 800.447.9239

75% of all technical issues can be resolved over the phone by our corporate technical support center. If a resolution cannot be reached over the phone, they will assign a service ticket to your account, at which point an in-home technician visit will be scheduled.

Questions Regarding Alarm Activity: 800.447.9239

Calling into the monitoring station directly is the best way to find answers to questions that you have about alarm activity. For instance, if you want to know which sensor caused an alarm to go off, etc. For security reasons, true protection is not allowed to access this information, the customer must call directly into the monitoring station and identify themselves and verify their verbal passcode.

Questions about billing/updating payment info:

Does your bill say “Moni Smart Security”? 800.447.9239

This indicates that you are being billed directly by our monitoring station, and you would have to call in directly to the monitoring station for billing questions and updating payment information.

Does your bill say “True Protection”? 800.308.2641

This indicates that you are being billed by true protection, and we would be happy to answer any billing questions or update billing information for you.

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