Commercial Solutions

With True Protection your alarm systems can be installed and monitored at both residential homes and commercial businesses. Unlike most security companies, True Protection does not increase any costs for equipment or monitoring when setting up a business regardless of size. We also offer equipment designed for commercial application, such as door sensors for large garage or loading bay doors and also photobeam motion detectors to monitor any breech in the perimeter of the building or property.


Commercial Security

The True Protection 2gig GoControl wireless security system is perfect for any business with sensitive materials or expensive equipment that need to be protected.


  • mobile app for arming, disarming, and viewing the current status of the alarm system
  • Passcodes with adjustable access times and dates can be created for different employees i.e., Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm
  • History log allows you to see which employee, by name, armed or disarmed the system and at what time

Perimeter Security

The SECO-LARM E-960-D190Q Twin Photobeam Detectors are the perfect solution for adding perimeter security to a business. The Twin Photobeam Detectors are designed for both indoor and outdoor security use, featuring an outdoor range of 190ft and an indoor range of 390ft.


  • Weatherproof, sunlight-filtering case for indoor & outdoor use
  • Twin infrared beams provide reliable perimeter security, minimizing false alarms from falling leaves, birds, etc.
  • Lensed optics reinforce beam strength & provide excellent immunity to false alarms due to rain, snow, mist, etc.

Twin Photobeam Detectors
Commercial Video Monitoring

Commercial Video Monitoring

At True Protection we will customize a camera system to fit your businesses needs and give you the ability to view live and recorded video from inside and outside of your business.


  • Mobile app included for viewing video from any device
  • High Definition night vision cameras
  • Systems ranging from 1 to 32 cameras

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