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Our primary equipment provider is 2GIG Technologies, a major security and home automation brand. Homeowners and entrepreneurs across the nation benefit from the affordable pricing and reliability of 2GIG’s award-winning products.

Their focus is on producing easy-to-use wireless devices with high-tech features.

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Home Security and Automation Systems

True Protection, 2GIG Technologies and have partnered to provide customers with the latest and most advanced security and home management solutions in the industry. Former Honeywell Security veterans Lance Dean and Scott Simon formed 2GIG Technologies in 2007. Since then, they have emerged as the most technologically advanced security and home automation solution on the market.
2GIG Technologies specializes in creating and manufacturing technology that you never thought was possible. The specialization of 2GIG Technologies allows True Protection to focus on protecting homeowners and businesses with the most up-to-date and advanced equipment possible.


2GIG GoControl

2GIG has responded to these trends and consumer demands for advanced technology with GO!Control – the first self-contained, all-in-one security and home management system, selling over one million units since the initial launch in 2010 to make it the leading control device for Z-Wave based systems. Complete with a color touch screen, GSM radio and Z-Wave chip, GO!Control is the most advanced system on the market. Through our partnership, consumers can control their system from their smartphone, tablet, or any other web enabled device!

No stranger to awards, the Go!Control system earned the 2011 Security Product of the Year from the TechHome Division of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the 2011 Best Wireless Security Panel and 2011 Best in Show at Electronic Security Expo (ESX).  In 2012 Go!2.0 won the Overall Maximum Impact Award and Best Wireless Alarm Equipment Award ESX.  2GIG is committed to providing customers with cost-effective technology that enables them to manage home automation and security functions from the Go!Control panels’ LCD touch-screen display, the Internet, or their PDA.


The 2GIG product line includes a wide range of devices that help make buildings secure, safe and more efficient. They range from intelligent fire alarms to high-resolution security cameras.

Many of these units can work together to maximize safety. For example, a smoke detector could contact emergency personnel via the alarm system.

Home Security Products
2gig GoControl Package

2GIG Technologies Life Safety & Security

CO Detector

2GIG Carbon Monoxide Detector

Glassbreak Detector

Glassbreak Detector

Smoke Detector

smoke detector

Secondary Keypad

2GIG Secondary Keypad

Door/Window Sensor

2GIG Door/Window Sensor

Door Sensor

2gig Recessed Door Sensor

Takeover Module

takeover module

Medical Pendant

medical pendent

2GIG Technologies Surveillance & Home Automation

Security Camera

Security Camera


2GIG Thermostat

Light Appliance Module

Light Appliance Module

2GIG Image Sensor

2GIG Image Sensor

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